What’s in a name

When I registered bumperharvest as a blog and email account years ago, I envisioned it as a name for a company where I would sell online the various output of my craft projects over the years. I’ve knitted gifts for baby showers, concocted bath salts & lip balms for my girlfriends, strained my eyes making a-line dresses and jewellery alongside my mother and sister, each of us taking a turn swearing at the tempermental old turquoise Singer.

But since I’m also a full-time graduate student and freelance writer, starting yet another venture just has not been feasible. I never thought of myself as having entrepreneurial skills, despite helping my mother for years at craft sales where she sold her jewellery and prints. I preferred to sit with a book while she handled the flow of customers, holding up mirrors when more than one wanted to try on one of her elaborately beaded necklaces or crystal drop earrings. But since most of my teenage shyness has worn off, I’ve realized, of course, that I have more of my mother’s business sense than I would’ve thought. Years of visiting supply warehouses with her, combined with my own stretch in customer service and my dabbling in blogging and sites such as Ravelry and Etsy makes me think that finally starting a small business might not be impossible.

Until I can produce enough wares to be sold online, I’ll be using this space to post inspiration, knitting projects and meals, potentially to attract a following who share my design sensibility. At the very least, it’ll be a welcome break from the writing activities and committee work that has me hunched over my desk for days on end. No matter how hectic things get, I always keep a small project, a skein of sock yarn in a bag or basket close to my desk, so I can remember the feeling of making something with my hands.


About Phoebe Wang

Apollo's sister. A moon off Saturn, a small, sparrow-like bird, once a Titan.

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